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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Junk on a Chain

Hi there! I'm back after a month and a half off from blogging and crafting.  How's everybody doing?  It's snowing here in Pennsylvania and cold and blustery but spring is just around the corner.

I've been working on new jewelry designs over the past few days and have also been gathering inspiration from Pintrest.  Have you been on Pintrest?  Oh my, it's like internet crack for the ADD person!   Anywho, here is my February Junk on a Chain which I'm sending to my niece AJ as a belated b-day gift.

 This necklace has leather, plastic, buttons, acrylic, shells, glass beads, metal, shrinky-dinks, Scrabble tiles, coral, fabric bead.......I told you it was junk on a chain!
 I tried it on to see if it was even (there are 26 charms) and I had on a leaf green turtle neck and it looked pretty good with that color.  Hope you like it AJ!

This is my Black and White Junk on a Chain which I just put in the shop over at 

I'll be adding more items to the shop in the coming days and weeks.  :-)M