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Monday, May 30, 2011

Water and Shade............

Happy Memorial Day!

It is very hot and humid here in Northwestern PA today!  A beautiful sun filled day with 87 degree temps.  Two things would be great right about would be water to take a swim in and the other is a shady spot to cool off in.  Those 2 things inspired my two newest necklaces.  You can find them over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.


Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Key to......

Well, here are a few things I made with my flea market keys!  I drilled holes in this one to make room for jump rings to dangle charms.  It helps to have a drill press as it makes drilling the holes a breeze.  It lays really nice on the neck right at the collar bone notch.  The trick is to get it even on both ends so that it will lay correctly.  I have so many other ideas for using keys in necklaces!

Still in deep like with the shrink plastic for the Inkjet printer......that's how I made Talula Blooingdocker on the key below.  Both keys are over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.  When I was about 3 years old  I had a doll I named LauraMay Bloomingdocker.....where I got that name from I have no idea!  So, I stole the name from myself to name this necklace......this is LauraMay's sister, Talulu.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Got Beach?

The first public beach in the United States was Revere Beach in Boston, Mass.  It opened on July 12, 1896.  An estimated 45,000 people showed up on opening day.  This new necklace is a tribute to any beach you have ever loved to visit!  It's over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.

Here's a little update about Buddy the Wonder Dog.  For those of you who follow my blog, you know he got hit by a car on Easter morning and was in pretty bad shape......broken back leg, punctured front leg, and half of his face just about ripped off!  Well, here he is today.  His face is healed up and  the cast is off his leg (but he's still not putting it down to walk).  Buddy is a tough doggie!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steamy Summer

Well the weather was beautiful here today in Pennsylvania......80 degrees, blue skies, sunshine and a slight!   I hope all of you in Blogland had a good weekend.  I've been working with incorporating metal and leather into my jewelry lately and came up with this little Steampunky pendant.  The outside is leather, overstamped Staze-on ink with text.  I cut out the keyhole with the Tim Holtz die. The little guys inside are inventors and are sealed under resin which I poured into the keyhole.  These little guys have invented a lot of things but the thing they are most proud of is the "love machine" they invented!  If you'd care to learn more about this necklace you can hop on over to Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.

So this morning my niece, Andrea and I went to a flea market.  I hit the mother load of keys! There must be over 100 keys on this ring.  I plan on using them in my future creations.

I cleaned these ones with Brasso.  That stuff really cuts thought the crude on keys.  Some of them are actually quite pretty with the scroll-work designs.  Oh yah, I've got plans for these babies!

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hippy Luv Jewelry Line.......

I've added several new categories to my Summer 2011 jewelry line.  Here is a peek at a few pieces of the  "Hippy Luv" line.  It has a hippy/organic feel to it.  I've used a lot of leather and wood in these pieces. You can check them out at the Honey Girl Studio Jewelry Shop.


An original bead created in Photoshop with component elements.  The heart is painted/distressed leather.  Her name was Simone and she lived in the heart of the artist area of Paris!

         Summer of 1969....
Painted leather heart layered with a tiny wooden guitar.  Pretty cool eh?!?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer 2011 Jewelry Is Here!

It's here! Summer 2011 Honey Girl Studio Jewelry!
Just a little sneak-peek! Go to my Honey Girl Studio Jewelry to get the particulars.

Girls on vacation........

Feeling crabby? Then you need a leather, shell and glass bead necklace!

Her real name was Violet but her friends called her Poppy!  Art pendant on glass bead and coral bead necklace.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gnome.....on a chain......

When I was a wee person I was obsessed with elves, pixies, and yes, you guessed it Gnomes.  When I was about 12 years old, my mom bought me a book about Gnomes and I think I just about "looked" it to death!  Well, here is it some 32 years later and I'm thinking about Gnomes again because last month I took my great niece, Riley to see the movie Gnomeo and Juliet (very cute movie).  

To celebrate the Garden Variety Gnome I created this "Gnome Junque on a Chain" necklace.

 The Gnome centerpiece is a mini-digital collage I created.  The necklace is layered with 20 different charms from handstamped metal to fabric leaves to leather flowers to glass and coral beads.
 I still think Gnomes are cool........somethings never change!
If you are interested in purchases the "Gnome Junque on a Chain" pop on over to the Honey Girl Studio Jewelry Shop.

Are you a bibliophile?  My friend Heather is and to a certain degree I am too! (get your mind out of the gutter....a bibliophile is someone who loves to read and collect books).  Heather is actually a librarian so I made her a "Book Junque on a Chain" necklace.  Heather is an awesome altered artist in her own right, you can check out her blog called Creative Solace.
 The necklace measures 18 inches long and the centerpiece of it is a handmade leather bound little book! I also added an inkwell, old metal nib (don't impale yourself with it Heather!), agate beads, glass beads, metal stamped house, wooden handstamped beads, leather leaves and leather flowers.
 I wish I could have taken these pics outside in natural light, these pics were taken inside with that "yellow" glow!

 Here is the book open with 8 pages to write could write a tiny story....about......Gnomes!

Now for some good news even if it doesn't like it......long story short, if you follow my blog you know about my mom's Border Collie/Aussie dog named "Buddy the Wonder Dog" and you might have seen pictures on my blog of us snowshoeing during the winter months.  Well, on Easter Sunday morning Buddy got hit by a car and was pretty messed up.  My brother Jeff ended up taking him to the Akron Animal Hospital and they did an amazing job stitching him back together.  He had two bad puncture wounds in his front leg, broken back leg (it took 10 pins and metal plate to fix that leg),  some reconstructive surgery on the left side of his face (took an ear flap to graph skin on his lip) and he has 2 drain tubes sticking out of the side of his face.
Needless to say the "Budster" is not feeling so hot and he hates the giant cone collar he has to wear for another week but he's on the mend thanks to my brother (what a good guy) and the surgeons at the Akron Animal Hospital.  He had his one week check up today and the Drs. said he's making great progress!