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Sunday, January 24, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway

Well it's here! The One World One Heart Magic Carpet Ride!!!! This is a wonderful opportunity to meet inspiring, talented artists from all around the world by checking out their blogs and feasting your eyes on their giveaways with a chance to win one of their goodies. You can click on the Magic Ticket picture above which will take you to a listing of blogs participating in this event. You may want to pace yourself because last year there were 911 participants representing 28 countries. This event starts on January 24 and I will be randomly drawing 2 different winners on February 15th. To win one of the goodies below please leave a comment. If you don't have a blog, please leave your email address in the comment so I would have a way to reach you if you're a winner.

That being said, welcome to my blog! Have a look around. I'm a self taught mixed media artist and I dabble in just about everything from collage to fiber arts to jewelry making to painting to sculpture. My motto is "life is short so mix media it up!"

This is a hand dyed and hand felted wool ring embellished with tiny pink seed beads and a rhinestone button on top to add a little bling-a-licious-ness (yes, it's a word.....well, it is now because I just typed it!) The ring is adjustable to fit any size.

My second giveaway is "The Spring Pinkology Fairy". She measures 9 inches tall and has fully articulated arms and legs. Created from chipboard, cardstock, booktext, decorative papers, she's a sturdy gal! Her face is hand painted with beautiful green eyes and a tiny cleft in her chin.

Hey good luck! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you'll visit again real soon! If you're mixed media artist or collage artist pop into my "Absolutely Free Collage Sheets" group over at Flickr for free collage sheets posted by generous artists.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Postcards......

Happy Monday friends! How about these lucious colors I got this weekend? You'll see in a later post what I'm doing with the matchbox. I was inspired by the paint colors when I found fabic in the same colors. Imade these beads out of it last night and today. It takes forever to make these babies! More on what I'm making out of them later.

Sooooooo, Valentine's Day is coming in less than a month. I love Valentine's Day. My husband and I got engaged on it. He stuck the ring in a piece of ice cream cake!

I made this mixed media heart magnet for my mum to stick on her fridge. I know, I'm 43 and still making things for my mum to hang on the fridge.....some things never change I guesss.

In getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day I just put these little gems in the Very Vintage Valentines Shop. You get six (2 of each design) postcards printed from my original collages.

I think this little guy is my favorite. He just looks like his name should be "Shirley"...... or "Cupcake".

I'm hoping these two fellows will be popping in with some yummy Philadelphia dark chocolate French mint meltaways!

Love................. is the answer......and the key.

Cheers to Tuesday........4 more days until the weekend! Stop back before the end of the week, I'll have my giveaway posted for the Magic Carpet World Blog giveaway (see badge on the right).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Mouse, a Snowman and Strawberries.....

I just posted these 3 goodies on Ebay.........

Tiny handmade chocolate covered felt strawberries dusted with sugar glitter in a frilly papier mache box. Pop over to Ebay to check it out.

Meet Pierre! He is a little French chap straight from the French countryside (more like straight from the Honey Girl Studio). He's available here on Ebay.

Spencer is a little wool felted Valentine mousie ready to come and live in your housie. Here on Ebay.
Good nighty-nighty my blogland friends!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Strawberries....pincushions....birds.....snowmen...and pudding....

My friend Tracey over at Glitterbug Studios and I have been in a craft frenzy! We talk to each other just about everyday about ideas we want to start on or creations in the works. It seems January does this to me. In January I like to break out the old needle and do a little sewing. I like to work with felt (both wool felt and acrylic) because it's easy to hand sew and doesn't ravel. The other day I was surfing and came across this very talented felt artist, Jen Segrest who is the author of the book "Pretty Little Pincushions". Anywho I decided to tackle one of her tiny adorable pincushions. She has an tutorial on Flickr for them, click here to shoot on over to check it out.

I made mine slightly bigger than Jen's bottle cap pin cushions. I used the lid off of a salad dressing bottle. If you use a salad dressing lid then use a CD to trace around for the top part (the red felt). The ruler is for your Jacque! (my buddy from CA always tells me I need to put a ruler next to things so she knows how big/small they are). Hey Jacque, it was 25 degrees here today!

I made little 2 inch long pins decorated with tiny glass beads (they're secured with a crimp bead underneath the last bead).

Since it was a chilly 25 degrees here today, I'm thinking I'd like to be this little snowbird and fly away to some place warmer......wherever that may be since it seems to be cold everywhere lately!

Dusted with a little glittery snow......

Complete with little birdie feet.........

Hey! Hope you had a great Monday! Check back tomorrow as I''ll be posting new Ebay goodies just in time for Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's Snowshoe in the Winter Beauty

Hey there! I'm going to take you on a virtual snowshoeing trip today in beautiful Northwestern Pennsylvania! I went out around 12:30 today at my parent's farm with their dog Buddy. You've met Buddy the wonder dog before in previous posts. These are my Tubbs snowshoes, they're light weight and very comfortable to wear. I've had them for about 13 years now.
How cool is this shot? That's my bulky shadow (3 layers and a coat)! It's like the invisible snowshoer!
First we are going to head over the pasture to the woods.

Let's cut up the fence row.......

Don't these snow covered weeds look like flowers?

And here's Buddy wearing his winter coat!

Let's cross over this little stream........

Oh! Look up! The trees look frosted.

And I .....I took the path less traveled......
Ok, now we're heading back up to toward the barn.

Look! The sun came out and warmed things up to about 23 degrees! It actually felt warmer than that. I haven't seen the sun in more than a week.

Let's start to head home now.

Back up the front field to the house and water.....we were both pretty thirsty.
We made it! Buddy's too!

This is a little milk house that's across from where I get my hair colored. I had to snap a pic.

This is what I made the other night. I guess you would call it crafting green because this little mitten box is made out of.............
a clementine orange crate!
Side view.....
Other side view.....
back view.........

I painted it with gesso then a coat of light ivory acrylic. Next, I collaged on cardstock and decorative papers. I used a paper punch for the snowflakes and buttons. Hope you all had great Saturday!