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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beach Gypsy Bracelets

I'm not sure if Gypsies go to the beach but if they do I'd like to think they would wear lots of bracelets like the ones I created below!  They are available for $10 each and that includes shipping.  They vary in size so if you see one you like shoot me an email and I can email you back the exact size if it.  


Sunny Day

Water Girl

 Blue Inspiration


 Treasure Chest

Garden Party 1923

Garden Party 1924

Dragon Fly

They look great stacked on your wrist, wearing them in twos, threes or even fours!  The dragon fly one is leather.  I'm planning on making more of them in the future.
Have a great Sunday!  The weather here is picture perfect with wall to wall sunshine!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ocean Inspiration

What a great weekend with wonderful weather!  It got me thinking about hot summer days and water!  I love the shower or out on the lake.....I'll take it just about any way I can so I was inspired to do a digital collage with this cute little guy enjoying the water himself.  He is from an upcoming kit by Hidden Vintage Studios over at to be released sometime in June.  The background and the lighthouse are from Eenas' Lighthouse Digi kit

 While creating the above digital collage I was thinking about the briny depths of the ocean and the mythological character, King Neptune with his trident, which led to me cutting pickle forks  and making them in to "King Neptune" necklaces.  Hand wrapped with pearls, seed beads and shells.  The cording is sewn from batik quilting fabric.  If you would like to make one your own hop on over to Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.

 This last bad girl bathing beauty has been created from a leather heart, hand sewn cording and a flat backed marble and shell dangle.