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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr. Who?

Even though it is about 6,000 degrees outside, I had a Halloweenie feeling (I know, how sick is that?)
Working with Tumble Fish Studio's new kit called Male Persuasion I came up with this little collage.  The background is from Studio Tangie and the frame is from Christina Renee.

"Dr. Charles Who was not amused with the younger owls antics.....after all this was owl obedience school not owl clown school!  Hey, stay cool and know that cooler weather is coming.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flying to Paris

Tumble Fish Studio has created a new digital kit called "Oooo-La-La" and it can be found over at Deviant Scrap.  As part of the TFS Creative Team I'm fortunate enough to get to play with all of the wonderful images.

I'd like to thank all of the people who came to Artie Gras last night especially my returning customers! Here a shout out to Beth, "Happy Birthday" of my best customers!

This little gem made out of a vintage domino is over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.  Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skeleton Key Bracelets......

I love old skeleton keys......big ones, small ones, flat doesn't matter, I like them all!  I use them in my jewelry in a sort of melding together of the new and the old.  I've used them in necklace designs now for a few years and always wanted to make them into bracelets.  Finally I got the chance! There are many steps to bending and polishing one of these babies! My wonderful husband torched, bent and drilled them for me.  I polished and beaded them.  
 Here are the steps:

 Step 1:  Gather your materials...a Nap Gas torch, a piece of metal pipe about the size of your wrist, a bucket of water, a Dremel Tool,  fine steel wool and a flat head hammer, drill with small bit, and two sets of long nose pliers.
 Step 2:  Hold one end of the key with the long nose pliers and heat the middle of the key until it turns RED then quickly place it over the metal pipe and tap one end of the key to make it slightly bend.
 Step 3:  Switch pliers to the other side of the key and heat the middle to the end until it glows RED then quickly place it over the pipe and tap it with the hammer until it slightly bends at the other end.  I don't need to tell you to not to touch the key as it is super hot....."don't touch the key"!
 Step 4:  Repeat Steps 2 & 3 if you need more of a bend.  If you are happy with the bend in the key then drop it into a bucket of water to quench it.  Leave it in there for about 5 minutes then take it out and dry it off.  At this point you will notice that the torching has left a grey scale all over it.
 Step 5:  Take your Dremel Tool with a grinding nub and sand/grind off the grey scale until it is shiny. I left some areas dark in the creases of the metal to give it a patina.  Next buff with fine steel wool.
Step 6:  Drill a small hole in the end of the key where the little hickey sticks out (the part that goes into the key hole).

Step 6.5:  Bead as you see fit!
These babies are over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry if you'd like to call one your very own!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Goes with Everything? & tan

My crafting BFF, Tracy (over at Glitterbug Studios) and I have been on a Black & Cream or in my case Black and Tan kick.  Those color combos go with just about everything no matter what your color palate is.  Tracey has been creating the most amazing assemblages out of vintage cheese boxes.....imagine getting your Velveeta in a wooden box but that was the case awhile back.

This assemblage is in a woodbox (not a cheese box) that measures 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide.  I Photoshopped the shelves with all kinds of goodies on them in the background but they really look 3-D due to the way the shadows fall on the objects.  The little boy is from the Vacay kit from Tumble Fish Studio.   

I've named him Charles and he's backed on chipboard and popped out about 1/2 inch from the background using foamcore board.  He's the curator for the "Combs Conservatory".  They conserve and preserve all of your favorite ephemera and he takes his job very seriously as you can see from the look on his face!

Tracey gave me this dress form and it was extraordinarily ugly.  It was painted white with a light purple apron.....uggghhhcchhh!  Enter the black paint, light tan paint book text, velvet ribbon, lace, glue and ta-da.....something new and improved!

The roses are made out of tan suede which I upcycled from a jacket.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Depending upon what part of the country you grew up in you either referred to them as fireflies or lightening bugs.  Those magical little creatures still make me smile when I see the last rays of sun slip below the horizon and the darkness slip in.  Remember chasing them barefoot through the dewy grass, collecting them in glass Mason jars as a kid?  This digital collage was inspired by lightening bugs!

The Firefly Fairy
This collage was created with the "That's the Ticket" digital elements kit and the background from the "Dark Glow Papers" kit from Tumble Fish Studio.  The fairy is from my personal collection.

Makes you want to go out and catch some lightening bugs tonight, doesn't it?  ;-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Down the Hole!

Happy 4th!  Last night there was a barrage of fireworks and firecrackers and I'm anticipating even more tonight in the neighborhood.   I once had a beagle that would totally freak out over the loud sounds that this time of year produced....the poor thing, he would get so worked up!  I bet he wished he could have escaped down a rabbit hole!

This digital collage was created with the following: background and scrap words from Tumble Fish Studios, Journal Papers Kit and Journal Words Kit;
tree and ground from Finecrafted, Innervoices Kit; watch face from Maya, Steampunk Kit; white rabbit from personal collection.

Every summer around the 4th of July, Gary and I go to North East, Pa (about 20 minutes north of Erie) to an orchard to pick sweet Bing cherries!  We've been going there for about 16 years now and something strange happens every matter what containers we bring with us, we seem to always pick 32 pounds of cherries!  Here's my theory on this, I think that we start picking and around the 30 pound mark we start to get tired and pick a few more pounds and then call it quits because we are getting hungry!  So we hop in the car and motor on over to the Freeport where they have the most crunchy delicious Lake Erie perch sandwiches (I dream about these sandwiches in middle of January!)
Yes, Gary and I blew our fried food allotment for the month on this lunch but it was worth it!
Hey, have a safe and happy 4th, don't eat too much potato salad!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Cinch by the Inch........

Have you ever heard the saying "life is a chinch by the inch but hard by the yard"?  Well, I took that saying and translated it into jewelry.  Everything except the heart with the mermaid, are made out of a cut up yard stick.  They measure one inch across and 1.2 inches tall.  I cut up one of those old, thick yard sticks so it's very sturdy (they don't make them like they use to!)

The tiny collage was on this one was made digitally using elements from Tumble Fish Studio's "Flower Land Gnome" kit.  
 This pink mermaid is a charm I created using the Inkjet Shrink  Plastic.  Remember the Shrinky Dinks? This is the new updated version of them.  Here are a few suggestions I learned through trial and error....
bump your opacity down to about 67% before printing out the sheet b/c as the piece shrinks, the color intensifies....... also make sure you pieces are 50% BIGGER then what you want them b/c they shrink to half the size....... also after you get the pieces shrunk, spray a clear coat over them because if they get wet, the color will smear.  So with all of that being said, here is a piece with lots of yummy summer colors.  The mermaid was created with the body from Studio Tangie's "Oceans" kit and the face is from Tumble Fish Studio "Diva's" digital kit.

The next two yardstick necklaces are traditional cut and paste collage sealed with resin......

This is a digital collage made with elements from the At The Beach kit  from Tumble Fish Studio.
 Have a great Friday!