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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Twilight Club

Twilight is my favorite time of the day when the golden sun starts to dip below the horizon and the sky is streaked with orange sherbet and slate blue with jets of purple then the sun disappears and the fireflies begin to dance about.....ahhhh twilight!

My new digital collage was inspired by this time of the day.  The elements are from Tumble Fish Studio over at Deviant Scrap.  All of the elements except the boy are from Tumble Fish Studio.
Nobody knew what really went on at the exclusive Twilight Club, only that people whet in empty handed and came out with giant toy sailboats and giant glasses.  Hmmmm, kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Got Jewelry? I do!

I've been working hard on new pieces!  To check these necklaces out in detail just finger tap dance your way over to Honey Girl Studio Jewelry!

Do you think I'm wearing too many at one time???? Honestly? Lady Gaga could rock this look!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Odd Blue Magic

I was playing with the new digital elements kit by Tumble Fish Studio entitled "Odd Magic" and decided to show 2 different ways of using the elements.  The first is an assemblage that I made using a Flip camera box (I saved the box b/c of the little recess in it).  I covered it with vintage text and Mod Podge.  The gears are made out of leather.  The gear on the heart and the clock is from Studio Tangie.

I really like the leather handle on top! It's a Tim Holtz Sizzix die.

 The second way of using the elements is in a digital collage I made from the "Odd Magic" kit by Tumble Fish Studio.  I recolored her hair, the heart and the rabbits.  You've heard of black magic right?  Well this is odd blue magic (that's what the heart says in French).  See you never know what will happen with odd blue magic!

To check out how my friend Tracey used these images check out this post on her blog!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Week!

This has been a busy week so far!  I've got exciting news.....Marsha at Tumble Fish Studio has invited me to be on her Creative Team!  She creates the most amazing digital elements kits to use in Photoshop and they can be found at Deviant Scrap.  I will be using her digital elements to create altered jewelry like the 2 pendants you see below.  They are created in Photoshop and then printed on InkJet Shrink Plastic.

Super Hero Life Guard 1927 Necklace
The life guard was created with digital elements from Tumble Fish Studio and the green fish is from Studio Tangie.  The heart layered behind it is painted and stamped leather.  She's available over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.

Dottie DelMar Pendant
 Dottie charm:  face and crown from Tumble Fish Studio and fish body from Studio Tangie.

I was also pouring resin this week.....ICE Resin that is.  I LOVE this stuff!!!! It has always set up for me without any problems and dries crystal clear with no clouding or stickiness.  Whenever I'm at a flea market I always pick up little spoons to fill with goodies and resin to make necklaces.  These are also over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.

Yesterday I went to my crafting BFF's house.  We went to a few little shops then came back to the house to work on Shirley.  Meet Shirley...................
Tracey bought Shirley a few months ago.  She is a foam dress form and kind of spongy so Tracey wrapped her in Rigid Wrap to make her harder.  Pretty smart, eh?

Tracey, Shirley and me.....Shirley's smiling too.....kind of hard to tell with no head, but trust me, she's smiling.

So Tracey had this idea to cover Shirley in many layers of tissue paper.  So we decided to put on the first layer.........
Hard at work not hardly working!............Shirley said the brush tickled.
About an hour and a half layer and almost a whole small jar of Mod Podge, this is what Shirley looked like.  She's going to be awesome with the other layer added!  You can check out the progress of Shirley on Tracey's blog, Glitterbug Studios.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seaflower and Butterfly Necklaces

Many months ago I saw flowers made out of organza-like material and I thought "I could make jewelry that way"!  So I bought some material (100% polyester) and a candle.  Now you are probably wonder "what in the world is the candle for?".  You use the candle to singe the edges of the flower layers so they won't unravel.  I think a pillow with big flowers would look really cool (note to self.....put that on the "to do" list).  You can find this necklace over at Honey Girl Studio Jewelry.

If the world laughs in flowers then surely it must giggle in butterflies!  I watch a few of these delightful creatures dance their way through my perennial garden this afternoon.  This necklace was created from a Scrabble tile.
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Make it a good week as well!