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Monday, August 25, 2008

Late Summer Yellow

How about that yellow of late summer? I love yellow, it's such a "feel good" color. Yesterday I was at my mom and dad's and took these pictures of her sunflowers and black-eyed Susans. I also took a few snaps of my mom's dog, Buddy........also known as "Buddy-the-Wonder-Dog"! He's an Australian cattle dog and loves to herd just about anything, despises birds, loves potato chips and hates anything that makes noise (he flips out when an electric mixer is turned on).

Check out his one gorgeous ice blue eye...........then there's the other one.....not so gorgeous!
Looking at these flowers, the dried out grass, the nip in the air at night and the bending golden rays of sunlight makes me think that we might just be going to have an early fall here in Western Pennsylvania. This makes me think of the amazingly talented folk artist I stumbled upon on Flickr. Her name is Catherine Holman and I love all of her folk art paintings but especially the autumn ones. There is such an honest simplicity yet extreme detail in her paintings. I want to climb into those paintings and live there! Also she has the most wonderful narratives which tell a little story about who lives in the's like reading a Fanny Flagg folksy! Please click on her name above and take a few minutes to view her wonderful folkart paintings.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halloween Items on Ebay!

Just listed on Ebay!
ACEO on Ebay!

Skully Wands!

New skully wands just added to the All Hallow's Evening Shop! These guys measure 14 inches tall from hat tip to bottom of the wand. Pop on over to check out more pictures of them.

Mr. B

Firery Fred

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Skull Boys Sneak Peek........

Here is a sneak peek of the boys I worked on today. Haven't been in the studio all week but got a few hours in today. Hmmmmmmm......what will they become???? Stay tuned, I'll have them done soon!

I named this one "Harley" because the colors and design remind me of a Harley Davidson biker!

I call this one "Blue Boy"! Original, eh?

Maize Days

It's sweet corn time!

August means sweet corn in Western Pennsylvania! As a kid I can't tell you how many ears of corn I husked for my mom to blanch, cut off and freeze. I hated doing corn when I was young but I don't mind it now probably because mom and I don't do a million bags! There was one summer we did 125 bags.....we just did 25 this year. It was always so hot in August when we did corn however yesterday it was a cool 78 degrees! To me, this sweet corn signals that the end of summer is very near!

I'm really not crazy about walking down through a corn field, first there are the spiders.......need I say more and secondly I don't like the feel of the corn leaves touching my arms and face!

A little a smaller bowl in the middle of the big one to stand the ear of corn upright on to's much easier to handle.The finished product! I love this in my homemade veggies soup in the middle of January!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Shopping Trip Today....more paper!

Today my aunt Pauline and I went to Erie to a few craft stores. I really think I have a problem......there I've said it.........."My name is Melissa and I have a paper collecting problem" LOL! I I love decorative papers!!!! I found this block of Christmas paper by K & Company. I really like their products and they have great papers. This Christmas block has nontraditional colors of pinks, greens and blues. I can't wait to use them in projects! My aunt Pauline knew where to find me in any store......the paper section! We had a good time!
Here are the lucious colors and prints..........

Monday, August 11, 2008

Halloween ACEOs

The Little Witch is available on Ebay tonight at 11:00!

This is the Vintage Cat ATC on Ebay, also posted tonight!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ornies for All Seasons!

These guys are known as "The Bell Ringers", their names are "Jingles, Belle, Tinkles, Jangles and Ringer". They have been created from foam core board which makes them sturdy but lightweight. These are big ornaments measuring approximately 6 inches tall from the chin to the tip of the hat (not including the hanger). They will be available on August 13 on Spooky Time Jingles under Honey Girl Studio.

Three inch high pumpkins made from foam core board so they are very sturdy and very light weight. Great for feather trees! The tallest one is 3 inches from the bottom to the tip of his hat; about 5 inches with the chenille hangers. Available at All Hallows' Evening.
Toodee, my studio monster just had to model the ornies as earrings...........she's so crazy!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Halloween Pennants and Soldered Charms!

Did you hear the cursing as I molten drops of solder hit my fingers? Ha! This pennant is 8 inches wide at the top by 6 inches long. It has two original collages (front and back).
This is the back of the Boo Pennant................

Party Bat Boy/Party Pumpkin Girl Pennant............

The flip side............hand painted face.

Two inch by two inch soldered charms! So cute on a ball chain necklace!
Back side of the pumpkin charm...........

Front side of the pumpkin boy charm...............

Back side of the pumpkin boy charm...........

This is Antonio's Wicked Good House! It is about 13 inches high from the point of his hat to the base of the house.
All of the above goodies are waiting for you in the All Hallow's Evening Shop!