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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Leaf Fairy

This little guy is has been caught under glass while resting on a pumpkin. The copy of the vintage picture has been hand colored, backed with chipboard and text and then cut out to perch upon a color pile of autumn leaves a top a pumpkin. He sports a party hat and orange wings. A sleepy looking yellow harvest moon with rosey cheeks peeks out from behind him. The base has been collaged with assorted orange, black and brown decorative artist papers. Spanish moss wreaths the pumpkin and the whole assemblage is covered with a 4 inch cloche (bell jar). Look how great he looks in a display with a pumpkin! He is currently up for bid on Ebay! Click HERE to check it out!

I also have been hitting the ATCs hard the past few days.......I'm in a Hallweenie mood.....probably too many mini Milky Way candy bars giving me a sugar rush! These ones are also on Ebay.

Barth's New Bat Mobile: Ebay link

Toil and Trouble - The Magic Sisters: Ebay Link

The Pumpkin Hunter: Ebay Link

Autumn Friendship: Ebay Link

Halloween Memories Circa 1957: Ebay link

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Broom Hilda Boo Pendant

How about this gal? Isn't the expression on her face a scream? She loves flying high on her broom and hitting a good Halloween Party or two. The tiny collage is encased in a new watch case. She has green hair and sports a black hat with a subtle sparkle. At her neck a minature rhinestone glimmers. "Boo" has been cut out of book text and glued to her hat. A variety of glass beaded charms hang from the bottom of the pendant along with a hand painted wooden pumpkin bead and black and white polkadot ribbon. A 20 inch black ribbon with small white polkadots is connected to the top of the pendant for wearing.

This piece is available on Ebay now!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Houseful of Boo!

I made this quilt about 4 years ago. It really "pops" on the cream wall.

This weekend I commenced decorating my house for fall/Halloween! I love this time of year with the great range of colors. I have a small house and try to keep my decorations on scale with the small size. I have an oak pie safe and a pencil tree I decorate for Halloween. All of the ornaments on the tree I have made except for 3 or 4 of them. Enjoy the tour!

I adore this tree and ornaments and really look foward to decorating it!

Halloween Annie

Vintage inspired Chenille Stem Pumpkin Man

The collage on the right was made by my dear friend Jacque.

An artist in Kentucy made this doll. As soon as I saw her I knew I had to have it! The chair is a bargin from a church rummage sale. Again when I saw it, I knew exactly how I would paint it. When I bought it, it looked like it had had a whole lifetime of lovin' as it was really worn but in all the right places. Of all the things I've painted I like this chair the best. One summer I had it on my front porch and a lady stopped her car and offered me $100 for it (I paid $4 for it) but I had to turn her down! he sleeping????

Well, did you enjoy the tour?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wendell's Magical Christmas Ride....

Wendell's on a magical Christmas ride through the frosty air on his sparkling red leaf. Don't you just love the look on his face? He's a copy of a vintage photo that has been colored and embellished with red glitter. Wendell is perfectly balanced on a glittering red leaf with tiny silver snowflakes, stars and blue glittery orbs of blue. The hanger is wired silver tinsel. Isn't he just the cutest? I just created him and he's sitting on a Honey Girl Studio Shop shelf ready for you to adopt him!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Halloween Picture Album.....

the front cover
the book opened

Have you ever started a project thinking to yourself that it should only take about an hour tops and it turned out to take 5 hours?!?!? Well such is my tale with this 4 inch by 4 inch picture album. I have wanted to make a little book like this for some time. It isn't a purchased book that I altered but a book made from the ground up with chipboard and decorative paper for the cover. The inside pages I used cardstock covered with decorative papers and all of the pages are attached with two antiqued brads. The result is a whimsical little album which would be fun to put tiny digital pictures in from this Halloween. It is available in the Honey Girl Studio Shop.
pages 1 & 2
pages 3 & 4
pages 5 & 6

pages 7 & 8

the book all assembled with the brads

the book closed

Friday, September 14, 2007

Two Dapper Gentlemen.....

This is the top of the tin when it is closed.....

These two dapper pumpkin gentlemen are ready for the Halloween costume party. They are a copy of a vintage Halloween postcard circa 1920s and are slightly two dimensional due to 1/2 inch foam dots behind them. A full harvest moon looks on as the two rougues make their nightly plans for trickery and mayhem! Decorative papers and text adorn both sides of the orange painted Altoid tin. It is available at the HoneyGirl Studio Shop.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The First Snowflake of Winter.....

The snowflakes twirled lazily to the ground in a silent yet beautiful symphony of white. The baby sat snug as bug in her snowsuit, legs splayed, toes straight up and finger tips in the snow in front of her for balance. She lifted her blue eyed gaze to the heavens, slightly parted her lips, stuck out her tiny pink tongue tip and waited for one of the magical flakes to land on her tongue.....the first snowflake of the winter! This piece is so precious in it's simplicity. We can all relate to catching a snowflake on our tongues no matter what age we are. The vintage photo has been backed with heavy chipboard and book text, hand colored an aqua blue and then dusted with a pale blue glitter (difficult to see in this photo). She sports a pair of semi transparent silver glittered wings. The snow pile in front of her is bespeckled with aqua sequins, silver and white snowflakes, a silver bell and silver tinsel all dusted with white ultrafine glitter. The base is heavy duty chipboard covered with a red polkadot vintage print of decorative paper. The entire assemblage measures approximately 5 inches high and is enclosed in a glass cloche which is removeable. She is available in the Honey Girl Studio Shop now along with other aqua, red and white ornaments!

Back of baby........

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aqua, Red and White Christmas Goodies.....

Aqua, Red & White...........oh boy!

I am working on a new line of one of a kind Christmas ornaments and decorations. Here is a teaser of what is to come................... glitter, silver and aqua........white.... stay tuned..............

Saturday, September 8, 2007

White Pumpkin Fairy Cloche

He sat in a relaxed pose perched upon the black glitter outlined leaves of the white pumpkin, his black curls bobbing in the breeze, cool as a cumcumber......or should I say "cool as a gourd"? I snapped the photo and then the little guy smiled. This pumpkin fairy is absolutley precious! He is a copy of a vintage photo which I embelished with color and wings. He is secured to the pumpkin with a pick so he appears to be sitting on the pumpkin leaves. A paper tag backed with cream felt reads, "fragile, handle with care, precious cargo". The foam pumpkin has been painted a light ivory and speckled with black paint. The pumpkin has been secured to the scalloped cream felt in which tiny stars have been cut into the felt. A glass cloche covers the whole assemblage giving the look of a captured fairy. This is an awesome piece if you are a Halloween, white and orange being your 3 colors of choice for the festive fall season! Available now in the Honey Girl Studio Shop.

Forgotton Memories of Autumn

She sat completely still on the top board of the weathered whitewashed fence, her piercing blue eyes squinting at the horizon, her faded orange dress slightly rumpled in the last rays of the late afternoon sun, a thin film of dust covering her high button boots, her newly created pointed paper hat perched perfectly on her head......she was waiting........but what was she waiting for????? Well the autumnal equinox of course silly, also known as the first day of autumn! This cardboard shadowbox tells the story of forgotten autumn memories......a little girl waiting for the beginning of autumn and Halloween with her new paper hat! This piece measures 5 inches square and is full of charm. Available now in the Honey Girl Studio Shop!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Well Dressed Pumpkin Girl Tin

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania you always bought your Halloween costume at least 2 sizes bigger than your normal size because you never knew if it was going to be 70 degrees or 30 degrees wth a dusting of snow on Oct. 31st! That's why I decided to make Pumpkin Girl dressed in her orange fur trimmed winter coat! Let's just call it a tribute to my childhood trick or treating in PA! The assemblage was created inside of an Altoid tin.......I have the freshest breath of any crafter out there.......I've eaten a lot of Altoids the past few weeks. Pumpkin Girl is available in the Honey Girl Studio Shop and she would love to come live with you!

Top of the tin when it is closed......