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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dapper Boo Boy Pennant

Dapper Boy Boy is looking pretty snazzy in his spatz, purple bat wings, pointy hat and long black frock coat with pumpkin buttons. Don't you just love the look on this kid's face? Just the way he is standing you can tell he thought he was quite "the man"! This Halloween pennant was so much fun to make because my goal was to use a lot of colors, textures and subject matter and I think I did all three. The back of the pennant has a hand painted pumpkin on orange polkadot paper with surrounding collage. It's available to purchase in the Honey Girl Studio Shop.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Librarian Witch

Complete with the bun on the top of her head, the librarian witch keeps a hawk-eye watch over her magic and potion books. Her piercing blue eyes scour the tables and stacks for those who dare to utter even one barely audible word ready with cat like reflexes to zap the noisy offender to toad-like status! And don't even think of bringing in an overdue book! Yes, she is the scary librarian witch who comes out but one night a year...........on October 31st.

This assemblage is created inside a 4 inch diameter tin, painted orange with an overlay of black paint. Decorative papers in complementary Halloween colors grace the inside. A copy of a vintage photo, moon and witch bottle have been hand colored and applied with dimensional foam dots for a layered look. Four decorative paper backed glass marbles (moon stones) are secured in front of the witch librarian. The definition of a librarian was cut out of a children's dictionary dated 1960. Black ribbon with white polkadots is wrapped around the outside of the tin. The bottom of the tin rests inside the top of the tin on top of a burnt orange flower with a paper center. This one was fun to make as it was a custom order for my dear librarian/artist friend in Canada! I hope she likes it!

Don't mess with the books and turn the pages quietly!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dora Duncan's Pumpkin Patch

I have entitled this assemblage, "Miss Dora Duncan's Pumpkin Patch". It has all been carefully layered inside a small painted tin adorned with decorative papers and a vintage photo with a black velvet hat. It is available at the Honey Girl Studio Shop. I just love making these little theatres of art. You can really pack a lot of things into a tiny space to tell a little story.

Here's a great recipe for pumpkin cookies!

Outside of the tin (closed)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fairy in a Jar Give Away..........

In honor of canning season and the beautiful Ball jar, I am creating a series of "fairies in a jar" for the upcoming autumn season. These little buggers were quick and hard to catch and I think one even bit me (I'm not mentioning an names but I think it might have been bat boy). The ornaments are 4 inches long and made of sturdy chipboard sandwiched between vintage book text and cardstock. To read more complete descriptions of each ornament please go to the Honey Girl Studio Shop. All are lined up on the cupboard and are available in the Honey Girl Studio Shop now. I use Ball canning jars, especially the wide mouth ones to keep stuff organized in my studio.........buttons, small paper pieces, alphabet letter, etc.... What do you put in your mason jars? I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner on Sat. The winner will receive one of these ornaments!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Zelda's Bat Education 155 in a Tin

Today was another rainy day! The weather guru says we got close to an inch of rain today but it feels more like 10 inches. So I puttered around the house looking for something to get into which just happened to be a nap on the couch until an hour and a half and 3 interruptions by the phone made me go to the studio as the ill-fated nap was not to be! This what I came up with from an Altoid Tin. I'm calling it "Zelda's Bat Education 155". I bought an old Audubon book (great source of pictures and text for collage) a few weeks at a used book store and found a whole section on bats. Amazing little creatures but what really freaked me out was that there is a South American fruit bat with a wing span of 5 feet and they sleep upside just hanging in the trees! (Here's another tidbit of useless information: Audubon was a big loser and died almost pennyless but the guy sure did have a passion for painting birds and mammals!) So I took some of the text from the book and incorporated it into the assemblage! The little girl, Zelda, is a copy of an antique photo and the bats are cut out of decorative cardstock. Here's the story on the tin color............first I painted it with gesso.........then another coat of gesso..........then a third coat...........then a coat of orange acrylic..........then another coat of orange acrylic...........then 2 coats of black...........then lightly sanded it so the orange would peak through here and there..............gosh what a process!
Anywho, there's a lot going on in this little piece and I think it turned out really cute. Best of all, it's available in the Honey Girl Studio Shop under Halloween Goodies and Fall Offerings.
This is a picture of the tin closed (lid top).

"Bats are crepuscular", now there's a term to amaze and stupify your friends and family!

The one bat she is holding on a wire leash, but don't worry the other is securely glued down!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Finally some studio time!

Summer will officially be over for me next Tuesday when I start back to school......therefore I have been absent from blogland this past week trying to do all the things to the house in the last two weeks of freedom that I really had all summer to do! My husband and I scrubbed, painted and sealed inside and outside of the house just about every surface to be found. Today was a grey rainy day and I finally got to head to my studio and create a few things..........ATCs available for trade..............

Halloween Ride

Fall Friendship

Witch Emily

Pumpkin Ben

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wave Your Magic Wand!

Wouldn't it be just great to wave a magic wand and "poof" your house is clean? And with a another wave "poof" your studio is orderly and everything is back into all those little clear plastic boxes you bought last year to help you organize your stuff. And "poof" you wave it again over your thighs and they become much smaller! Well, with these magical wands I designed I can't promise that these wands will do all of these things, but it's worth a try isn't it? Each wand is very detailed and they range in size from 10 to 12 inches tall. The bottle that they are in is a square vintage style one measuring 5 inches tall and filled with little colorful styrofoam balls.

If you think you'd like to own them and try out their magical powers, please go to the Honey Girl Studio Shop to purchase them and the bottle.

I made this little ATC's little Blanche Sugarvine again! This time, she's catching bats and stuffing them onto a jar to take to October show and tell! That girl! The jar is made of vellum so it has a frosted glass look. I cut out a tiny bat and glued it behind it.....the effect is like it's actually in a jar!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blanche Sugarvine's Big Shoe...........

Tiny Blanche Sugarvine is nestled in a big but stylish witch shoe while her friend the moon shines on. This unique Halloween decoration has been created from chipboard, decorative papers, black glitter, orange Twinkling H2O paints, buttons and a tinsel pipe cleaner. Blanche is a copy of a photo from 1915. Here she as been turned into a Halloween fairy and lives in a shoe. This piece is approximately 6.5 inches tall from the top of the moon to the heel of the shoe. Hang this baby on your Hallween tree! This ornament has a vintage feel with an updated look. It would make a great companion decoration to go with the "Andy and the Harvest Moon" ornament. There will be one more ornament in this series to be completed very soon so stay tuned! This ornament was just added yesterday and can be purchased from the Honey Girl Studio Shop.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Leo the Leopard

Watch this little guy slink down the sidewalk looking for the every present wild Hershey's chocolate bar! Leo the Leopard is ready for Halloween night complete with this pumpkin sack to plop his stash of candy in. He is made of chipboard, decorative paper, cardstock, acrylic paint and stamps. Leo is 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Wouldn't he be cute tucked into a big pumpkin full of candy?!?!?!? He's available now at The Honey Girl Studio Shop under Halloween Goodies.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just Hanging Out with the Harvest Moon!

{andy and the harvest moon}

I'm on a roll now with the Halloween theme! I created this Halloween decoration last night and I've decided to make a series of 3 decorations using the Harvest Moon, a vintage photo of a child and some article of clothing from a witch.....the next one will be a shoe! This piece is created with chipboard, cardstock and decorative papers which makes it super strong. I decided to use the tinsel pipe cleaner instead of wire to hang it as it gives the piece a vintage feel. The moon's face is hand painted with Twinkling H2O so it gives off a subtle shimmer. The hat also has a subltle shimmer to it. The whole piece measures about 11 inches from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the "boo" sign. I named the little boy "Andy"! I think it would look cute hanging on a Halloween tree or just about anywhere! Andy and the Harvest Moon can be purchased at The Honey Girl Studio Shop.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Gin, Love Potions and Courage!

Sometimes as I'm making an ATC I like to make up stories to go with them. This is the story that came to me as I created these ATC......and they are available for trade..........

Miss Pemberton Makes Potions

The year is 1936 and the lady in the ATC is Miss Alice Pemberworth. She lives in a small, neat, clapboard sided house right smack dab in the middle of a small midwestern town. She is the town's librarian and is known for her gift of locating any book you need to answer your most burning questions. She is quiet and unassuming but Miss Pemberworth has several secrets. The first secret is that she likes to mix up love potions in her garage; the second secret is that she is a witch (kind of goes along with the whole mixing potions thing, eh?) and the third secret is that she likes to concoct new and exciting mixed drinks with the main ingredient being gin. Miss Pemberworth always throws in a little vitamin C into her potions. Her theory is that "the C", as she calls it, makes the potion work quicker. Now whether this is true or not is unclear, however there can be seen quite a few gentlemen callers heading to Miss Pemberworth's house on any given Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. Of course, the gentlemen may just be going to sample her famous gin never knows!

Courage in a Dress

Jack, Roy and Murial were all excited to get their picture taken however Roy's joy was dashed when he learned he had to wear a dress. His older brother Jack could barely contain the smirk while little sis looked straight ahead somewhat miffed because she wanted to wear the nifty orange skirt/jacked combo. Roy definitely is the definition of "courage" on this fateful picture day............a day in which the dress wearing boy was preserved for all of time!

Miss Bella Boo

Miss Bella Boo is the 3rd in a series of 7 "kids in costumes" paper dolls. Her hat is completely covered with black ultra fine glitter which does not show up very well in this photo. She is holding her purse which proclaims, "boo" (because she not very scary!) She is about 10 inches tall and would be cute peeking out of a pumpkin or hanging onto a Hallween banner.

To take Miss Bella Boo home with you go the Honey Girl Studio Shop.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Halloween Tags...........

My obsession with Halloween tag making has just about run its course and as a result of my manic tag making sessions I have these to offer in the Honey Girl Studio Shop!
Ideas for using the tags:
1. Well.....of gift tags! Just write "To" and "From" on the back with a quick note and ta-da!

2. Write your favorite fall recipe on the back and give to a friend or neighbor along with a sample of the recipe (a good way to use up all of that zucchini growing in your garden now.....think zucchini bread, it's quick to make and freezes well!)

3. You have just read a book and now you are going to pass it on to a friend, so why not tuck a tag into it for a suprise bookmark?!?!?!

4. These tags look so stinkin' cute hanging from the stems of pumpkins in a display!

Hey, if you have additional ideas about how to use tags please post them in the comments, I'd love to hear how you use them!

And the winner is...........

The winner of the 100th post Hallween Tag Giveaway is ...... The Polkadot Pixie. I will be giving you an email to get your address Pixie and get them to you!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

She Devil!

She's a real charmer with those blue eyes and dimples but watchout because she can also be a real "she devil"! Just look at her cute little pointy tail and pitchfork! Mercedith Gertrude is another art paper doll in a series I'm creating. The face is hand drawn and painted and each pieces is layered with paper and hand cut. They are time consuming to make but fun! I plan on making a set for myself to decorate my Halloween tree. I think there will be a series of seven.....a pumpking princess, a she-devil, a leopard, a pirate, a witch, a scarecrow and a ghost.

She Devil Mercedith Gertrude is available in the Honey Girl Studio Shop right now under Halloween Goodies!